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Why modernize your elevator?

The possibility of keeping your elevator constantly updated is a reality within reach. ThyssenKrupp Elevator offer equipment modernization in a flexible, practical and accessible manner. Paying close attention to factors such as safety and comfort, this is an option that adds value to your property, as it aligns innovative design with cutting edge technology internationally renowned. Keeping customers’ needs in mind, the update allows for a considerable reduction in energy consumption, in addition to the ThyssenKrupp quality and style you know so well.

What to modernize?

ThyssenKrupp modernization is recommended for the update and innovation of important elevator components, such as the control panel, traction machine, motor, cabins, cabin and floor command buttons and indicators. It may also be used for updating simpler parts, such as: mirrors, safety bars, or even refurbishing the cabin.

Alterations can include

Partial Modernization: replace both the complex and simpler components.
Full Modernization: all the equipment is replaced, allowing for some of the existing components to be used.


  • Safety: passenger peace of mind is priority, for this reason our equipment includes modern safety systems and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Economy: concern in reducing energy consumption and the lowest cost in replacing components is one of the main benefits of modernization.
  • Comfort: smoother trips, with discrete accelerations and decelerations.
  • Performance: traffic becomes faster and more flexible, ensuring better transport performance.
  • Reliability: tradition and credibility that only ThyssenKrupp offers.
  • Esthetics: cabins with modern and innovative designs, providing the passenger with increased comfort.
  • Property Appreciation: your elevator can be updated, guaranteeing operation equal to that of a new piece of equipment.

ThyssenKrupp Elevadores philosophy is to offer customized service to each customer, with safety, comfort, flexibility, technology and a qualified technical team, because to us you are unique. Our services are carried out in order to cater to each detail of your necessities, adding value to your property.